Alcuni articoli scientifici pubblicati dal team Biomedfood

2017, Evaluation of antioxidative and diabetes-preventive properties of an ancient grain, KAMUT® khorasan wheat, in healthy volunteers. In: EJN

2015, Effect of 1-year dietary supplementation with vitaminized olive oil on markers of bone turnover and oxidative stress in healthy post-menopausal women. In: ENDO

2015, Coenzyme Q10 and α-Lipoic acid: anti-oxidant and pro-oxidant effects in plasma and peripheral blood lymphocytes of supplemented subjects. In: J CLIN BIOCHEM NUTR

2014,  In vitro effects of fermented papaya (Carica papaya, L.) on platelets obtained from patients with type 2 diabetes. In: METAB CARDIOVASC DIS

2014, Effects of in vitro supplementation with Syzygium cumini (L.) on platelets from subjects affected by diabetes mellitus. In: PLATELETS

2013, In vitro effects of resveratrol on oxidative stress in diabetic platelets. In: ACTA  DIABETOL

2012, Effect of consumption of dark chocolate on oxidative stress in lipoproteins and platelets in women and in men. In: APPETITE

2009, I Prodotti biologici: cosa sono, rischi e vantaggi, normativa, sviluppo e consumi. in: BIOETICA GENERALE E CLINICA

2008, Role of Raloxifene on platelet metabolism and plasma lipids. In: J CLIN INVEST

2008, Effect of consumption of dark chocolate on lipoproteins and serum lipids. In: MJMN